Crystal Alchemy Bowls

All of our Crystal Alchemy Bowls are of the highest quality - and are for sale! If you loved a session with one of the sets, or are particularly drawn to one, let us know!

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Welcome to the enchanting world of Alchemy Bowls.

These extraordinary instruments fuse the mystical traditions of alchemy with the ethereal sounds of crystal singing bowls, creating a harmonious synergy that transports you to a realm of sublime vibrations and transformative energies.

Alchemy Bowls are not your ordinary singing bowls; they are a manifestation of ancient wisdom, alchemical mastery, and the power of sound. Crafted with precision and intention, each Alchemy Bowl is a unique fusion of pure quartz crystal, metals, and precious gemstones, infused with the essence of alchemical processes that have been passed down through generations. This fusion has birthed a collection of extraordinary instruments that radiate a profound resonance capable of stirring the depths of your soul.

Each Alchemy Bowl possesses its own distinct personality, offering a gateway to explore various energetic frequencies and transformative experiences. Through the precise combination of quartz crystal and alchemical substances, such as 24-karat gold, platinum, Tesseract Salt , and other rare gemstones, these bowls become vessels of healing tones, harnessing the vibrational essences of the metals and crystals within.

When played, the Alchemy Bowls emit celestial tones that resonate within your being, recalibrating your energetic field, and harmonizing mind, body, and spirit. The alchemical properties embedded in these bowls facilitate deep healing, spiritual growth, and a profound connection with the higher realms.

Whether you seek tranquility, rejuvenation, or expanded consciousness, Alchemy Bowls offer a profound and transformative journey. Their transcendent sounds ripple through your being, awakening dormant energies and unlocking the potential for profound personal and spiritual evolution.

We are honored to bring you the magic and magnificence of these healing Alchemy Bowls whether you are interested in a single bowl or a resonance set, we have a variety of options available to match your specific needs. Each bowl is lovingly created by skilled artisans, infused with intention, and blessed with the wisdom of ancient alchemical practices. Immerse yourself in the realm of alchemy, surrender to the vibrational symphony, and allow the transformative power of these extraordinary instruments to elevate your soul.

Bowl Sets

All of our Crystal Alchemy Bowls are of the highest quality - and are for sale! If you loved a session with one of the sets, or are particularly drawn to one, let us know!


Cosmic Ocean Serpent Set


The theme of this first set really sets the stage for developing confidence in self-expression rooted from the heart. While activating all chakras it maintains a focus on rooting you into the self with flavors of astral and cosmic travel. With this set you may safely navigate uncharted realms within the cosmic self while maintaining a steady ground unwavering. Set one is meant to guide you unapologetically into the heart to calmly release the deepest traumas or conditionings and bring you back to dancing to the rhythm of your own heart drum. You may find that you develop a deep sense of compassion that never before seemed possible. Your communication will reach new levels as it is guided by the dolphin spirit, the main guide of the set. Finding yourself and others in a playful state is a common sensation when working with this alchemy bowl set.


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Earth Grounding Mother


Awaken the master within through the frequencies of Alchemy Bowls Set 2 and inspire the world with new found confidence and composure. Although this set fully activates and clears all chakras, it has a focus on the lower three chakras and third eye center. The theme here is empowerment and harmony, having balanced Divine masculine and Divine feminine energies, this set aims to build its listeners a strong foundation that is structured with balanced, and clean intuitive energies. Interacting with this set will invoke an elegant strength within its pupils, giving them the opportunity to access ancient wisdom and confidently take it with them to share and expand upon the knowledge gained. 


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Sacred Apus Set


Alchemy Bowls Set 3 has an incredibly unique space it carries including a one of a kind Morph bowl plus a focus on Divine Masculine, and on the Divine Feminine creating a perfect balance of energies. It also Includes frequencies that aim to direct and activate the listener's chi in a smooth and energizing way. This set is perfect for grounding, balancing, and energizing the environment while opening doors to two unique vortexes in order to gain the knowledge of ancient wisdom. 


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Cosmic Warrior Set


Alchemy set 4 comes in strong when it comes to grounding with potent guides for transcending into the cosmos to explore our possible origins. The Divine Feminine holds a strong presence here to envelope listeners in her safe embrace while possible traumas release and are washed away by the warmth of the Monroe hot springs. This set opens a portal to investigating our roots, our ancient wisdom, where we came from, and our lineage. Whether the listener is from the stars or of Earth origin, this Alchemy bowl set sings them back home into the original nature of the soul.


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Divine Ancestors Set


This Alchemy Bowl set is well balanced in working through all of the chakras and beyond. Upleveling from simply masculine and feminine energies by introducing the more advanced wisdom of the Grandfather and Grandmother vibrations. Coming in with more tenacity and direction when it comes to taking the next step in one's journey. There also lies a perfect combination of soothing sensations to ease the mind and zest to excitingly step back into an aligned path launching you into the life you desire to manifest. With the structuring of the salts and metals in this set, be ready to manifest your hearts guided dreams into reality.


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Alchemy Practitioner Bowls - Sold Individually

Each Bowl Sold Separately

Working with this set is absolutely perfect for those wishing to push the boundaries of consciousness expansion. It presents potent high frequency energies that really guide a person to further their own inner evolution while being well seasoned with rooted frequencies to be sure the listener maintains a grounded state of being, therefore being fully capable of integrating their deep exploratory journey. This set evenly works with each of the seven chakras and beyond, creating the ultimate healing and evolutionary experience. Being saturated by this set will align you to your violet flame and help deliver you to a more joyous flowing life.


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