About Dalton Campbell

Dalton Campbell has always had a burning passion for holistic health and wellness. At the age of 14, Dalton began honing his knowledge of the holistic healing field as he sought to improve his own personal health issues. In Dalton’s free time he enjoys connecting with nature, hiking, fishing, snowboarding, dirt biking, mushroom foraging, cooking, golfing, gardening, teaching, camping, traveling, creating art, and playing music.

Throughout the years Dalton has studied and personally used multiple holistic healing modalities including: nutritional frequency healing, deep tissue massage, energetic massage, acupuncture, chiropractic bodywork, body talk therapy, reiki, crystal reiki, shamanic energy work, plant medicines, yoga, electrical enhancement system therapy, parasite cleanses, water fasting, sound frequency healing, body temperature therapy, sensory deprivation therapy, meditation, herbal medicine, infrared sauna therapy, various holistic detox cleanses, and breathwork.

After suffering from chronic back pain, inflammation and digestive issues for many years, Dalton has finally achieved a pain free lifestyle.  He has discovered his calling as a holistic healer and is now seeking to share what he has learned with the world.

As Dalton has expanded his knowledge into the energetic healing realm, he has discovered the powerful healing properties of multiple breathwork styles.  He has now set out to spread knowledge of the beautiful healing attributes of practicing breathwork. He also pairs sound frequency healing in combination with breathwork for a more profound energetic experience. Dalton sees breathwork as one of the most impactful ways to inspire people to become motivated in following their true paths and beginning their own journeys of true healing and alignment. Dalton has been inspired to start his business by offering breathwork and sound healing experiences.  However, this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Dalton is building a collaborative network of holistic healers and resources to expand knowledge and healing across our beautiful planet.  The goal of this network is to empower people with information that they can use to improve their health and live up to their highest potential of both physical and spiritual vibrance. He has many aspects in the works with his new business and he is very excited to fully launch Dalton Campbell Enterprises in order to build a comprehensible and accessible healing network that all can benefit from.

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Mission Statement

To assemble a team of masters and visionaries in order to create a network with a unified goal. We will focus on energetic solutions to bring our beautiful planet and its people into a sustainable and thriving state of symbiotic harmony.

About Synergistic Wellness Works

Dalton campbell enterprises

We will work together across all the modalities of study and practice  that human culture has to offer, to heal, teach, learn, share, appreciate and play. We will utilize our diverse skills to feed, fuel, fund, contribute, inspire and structure the healing of this beautiful planet and its people…

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